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‼️✅ greenyWATER – is a revolution in modern water filtration. The first water filter that not only chemically cleans the water, but also erases the stored information, makes the water hexagonal and then enriches it with biophotons.

‼️✅ The greenyWATER filter is ideal for cleaning and treating the water for the greenygardenMASTER as well as for producing healthy energetic drinking water.

Special features

âś… 5 levels of water filtration + mineralization

âś… no pressure system pure gravity filter

âś… Filter lifespan min. 5000L/6-12months 2pcs. Incl.

âś… no plastic but pure bio-filament housing

âś… Water structuring & energizing through integrated TESLA COIL

âś… Enrichment with biophotons/light energy

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greenyWATER is a revolution in modern water filtration.

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