greenygarden Master

🌱Self-sufficiency all year round🌱

‼️🤩 greenygardenMASTER – The gardener of your life!

The greenygardenMASTER ensures that vegetables of high biological quality, such as lettuce, herbs, tomatoes, cucumbers and much more, end up freshly harvested on your plate all year round!

Regardless of the season and location, the greenygardenMASTER makes it easy for you to grow nutrient-rich and healthy vegetables.

In addition, our greenygardenMASTER saves around 95% water and 60 square meters of farmland.

‼️ Healthy, sustainable and everything from (your) one source. From seed to mature plant. Decide what you sow and what you eat – be the gardener of your life!

‼️🙏🏻  And all this WITHOUT PESTICIDES or other environmentally harmful influences and directly on site!

‼️😍  The greenygardenMASTER has 2 light-sabers. Also 3 fans to make your plants grow stronger. A TESLA COIL is installed in the greenygardenMASTER, which simulates the earth frequency and hexagonalizes (fields) the water in the greenygardenMASTER and in the attached greenyWATER water filter.


No pesticides, herbicides and insecticides

Up to 95% less water consumption through water circulation

Hexagonalized (fielded) water with the TESLA COIL

Replaces up to 60sqm of farmland

Material is fully biodegradable (NO plastic product)

More efficient use of nutrients through nutrient recycling

Faster growth phases and up to 10 times higher crop yield

Up to 40 times higher nutrient content in the plants

Saves money in the household budget every month



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