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We are exposed to multiple, always present and stressful energy fields.

Among other things:

Alternating electric fields (low frequency) Alternating magnetic fields (low frequency) Electromagnetic waves (high frequency) Electric constant fields (electrostatics) Magnetic constant fields (magnetostatics)

Depending on our sensitivity, we feel stressed, tired, depressed or sick.

We are now exposed to such fields almost everywhere and the phases in which we can regenerate are becoming shorter and shorter. The environment becomes acidic.

This is where the  harmonizer comes into play.

The „new“ technologies described  are used sensibly.

The  harmonizer changes the environment into a basic realm where nothing incriminating can exist.

Computers, cell phones, Dect phones, smart meters, electrical wiring, televisions or other devices no longer negatively affect our organic functions.

We can regenerate and strengthen ourselves at home.

„Everything is vibration!“



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