PROnatur24-Part 3

Our civilized society – IS SICK!

Burnout occurs more and more frequently, psychiatrists and psychologists are being consulted like never before and the media are talking more and more about common diseases and diseases of civilization. The word alone is tragic: “A whole nation is sick with typical ailments, seen as a whole”!

Our recommendations

Pay more attention to symptoms (alarm signals) of our body!

In addition: specialist practices have long waiting lists

EKG for cardiac arrhythmias

If you need a short-term doctor’s appointment, you should think about private health insurance or pay yourself.

Typical diseases of civilization from WHO statistics

Cardiovascular diseases


Diseases of the respiratory system


High blood pressure

Overweight and obesity


skin diseases (e.g. neurodermatitis, acne)

psychiatric illnesses

The causes of these diseases are apparently easy to explain at first and are generally known such as. Sugar, smoking, alcohol, lack of exercise, overeating and malnutrition, stress, noise, etc. But are they really just the usual suspects?



Back pain and tension?

Or cutting edge symptoms and fad in cardiology Cardiac rhythm disorders in young managers aged 30 – 40 years! The cell phone is often carried in the breast pocket. After the diagnosis, go to the clinic for cardioverting (treatment with electric shocks).

Warning message from the Vienna Medical Association from August 2005

Mobile phone on the belt affects the kidneys. Testicular cancer and gene changes in the egg and sperm cells are promoted in your pocket.

Legally valid court ruling from 2012 In the latest judgment from 2012

The Italian Supreme Court gives the very clear studies available so far a legally valid face. Cell phone radiation and brain tumor are definitely related. Arguments and counter-evidence that have been played down so far are legally invalid and false!

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