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Yes it is right. Not all products can be ordered directly.

Individual products cannot be ordered directly in the shop. This is always the case when this product group requires intensive advice and / or requires a building biology or geobiological investigation on site. In this case, you can find out all about the product and you can also use the Pronatur24 hotline or live chat for this purpose. Ultimately, the goal is that the purchased product can develop the maximum effect and we want to prevent senseless money from being invested in unnecessary shielding.

The building biology and geobiological analysis

at the customer’s site is time-consuming and sometimes costs a little more euros. Nevertheless, this examination is a great opportunity to get answers to certain symptoms and reactions of the body. This investigation can also be used to check personal suspicions and to confirm or refute them accordingly. The content of such an analysis can include the areas of electrosmog (electric fields, magnetic fields, electromagnetic fields (radio)), light (flickering, color temperature, color spectrum of the luminous body), air pollutants, noise emissions, radon and earth radiation.

Please note the special features of building biology measurement of EMF

PROnatue24 often receives the request to measure the HF immission by WLAN, mobile phone and mobile radio transmitter.

Checking and recording these exposure values ​​makes perfect sense. However, the measurements are deceptive if they are not repeated regularly; this permanent exposure to non-ionizing radiation changes far too quickly today. It is enough for the replica to replace its mobile phone, move the WiFi router to another location, install a MESH network, activate Poweline PLC or the mobile phone provider install / replace a panel on the mobile phone transmitter. This HF measurement is immediately invalid a few weeks or months ago and can at most be viewed as an indication. In such a case, it is advisable to invest in a suitable HF measuring device in addition to the building biology examination or to shield the most important rooms against EMF regardless of the measurement. Basically, this is always a sustainable, good decision and it always starts with the bedroom, as this is where the slightest change in everyday life takes place.

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