The Environmental Harmonization

The current world situation has developed into an extremely precarious situation as a result of various measures by various actors. This situation can be defused again by the technique of spherical harmony, the environment, the animal kingdom and humanity can be harmonized.

In terms of the technical design, we can distinguish between two basic systems:

The great Spherical Harmony System

The small Spherical Harmony System

That is why we have decided to make the theory, the scientific studies, the technology of the spherical harmony and its benefits accessible to everyone in order to help attract and network many comrades-in-arms who would like to learn the technology of the spherical harmony system.


Imagine the sky becomes clean and clear,

Imagine that with your commitment you could contribute a part to blooming landscapes,

Imagine if you could help people get enough to eat and drink water with your commitment,

wouldn’t that be amazing?

Would you get involved in that?

Stay awake, healthy, and live consciously

The function of

Spherical Harmony System

The engineer, Madjid Abdellaziz, developed this spherical harmony system from the work of Tesla, Reich and Schauberger.

Two counter-rotating vortices, one made of a copper spiral and the other a water vortex, are amplified by pipes and accompanied by positive energy generated by resonators into the atmosphere.

The energy frozen by microwave and radio waves is made to vibrate.

A so-called DOR (Deadly Orgone) 

is created,

as Wilhelm Reich called it.

DOR becomes life-friendly orgone energy.

Thus the harmony of the spheres improves the earth

Harmonization of the atmosphere

Harmonization of air, soil, water, especially drinking water and organic matter.              

The frequency of Life becomes more natural.       

Old blockages in humans and animals can dissolve.                                                          

Plant growth is promoted.

Healthy air

Spherical harmony can purify the sky of dangerous chemicals and purify the air.                                                                         

This creates fresh, clear and healthy air to breathe.


The frequencies of life are becoming more natural again and have a calming effect on humans, animals and plants for free development.

Would you get involved       in that?

Together we can create so many positive things and make all inhabitants of the earth more self-sufficient and happier through environmental healing.

Many projects on earth have already been implemented, for which we will make specific statements at a suitable point.

This means that we are not just at the beginning of successfully realizing such spherical harmony systems, but many comrades-in-arms on all continents of the world can point to successes in this regard, visited and talked to the comrades-in-arms about their experiences and to live a community of like-minded people.

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Would you get involved in that?

Thank you for your valuable time!

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