The Holo-Fractal-Harmonizer

When I saw that the cities of Geneva and Brussels were banning the fifth generation of the cellular network (5G) due to health concerns, I once again thought intensively about security and effective protection.

Wilhelm Reich already recognized in the fifties of the last century that electrosmog – negatively influences living processes and freezes life energy. This resulted in multiple functional disorders of the organism. He treated his patients with ORGON energy and thus brought the life energy back into the natural flow.

In my research I have Dipl.-Ing. Met Madjid Abdelaziz.


Dipl.-Ing.  Madjid Abdelaziz

He further developed



Wilhelm Reich


’s technology, including those of



Nicola Tesla



Kozyrev and his own research results, as well as combining it with the power of sacred geometry and that of rock crystal and creating effective protection against 5G.

Because we state: „Electrosmog is harmful and very stressful for the organism of humans, animals and plants, just like the DOR described by Wilhelm Reich.“

We are exposed to multiple, always present and stressful energy fields.

Amongst other things:

Alternating electrical fields (low frequency)

Alternating magnetic fields (low frequency)

Electromagnetic waves (high frequency)

Electric constant fields (electrostatics)

Magnetic constant fields (magnetostatics)

Depending on our sensitivity, we feel stressed, tired, depressed or sick. We are now exposed to such fields almost everywhere and the phases in which we can regenerate are getting shorter and shorter.

The body milieu becomes acidic.

This is exactly where the holo-fractal harmonizer comes into play.

The “new” technologies described above are used sensibly.

The holo-fractal harmonizer changes the environment into a basic area, where nothing burdensome can exist anymore.

Computers, cell phones, Dect phones, smart meters, electrical cables, televisions or other devices no longer have a negative impact on our organic functions.

We can regenerate and strengthen ourselves at home.

„Everything is vibration!“

For indoor use.

Each harmonizer is a unique piece, consisting of a solid oak pentagon including the flower of life, Shree Yantra stone made of rock crystal in 3D cut, Tesla spiral and other high-quality, harmonizing components.


1.250,00 € plus shipping costs

Each piece is expertly handcrafted in-house, so the delivery can be take up to 2 weeks. We ask for your understanding.

(Dimensions approx .: 55 cm high, 60 cm diameter)


Provides proven effective protection against electrosmog and 5G!


Do you often feel stressed, tired, depressed or sick? This can be due to the electrosmog! The holo-fractal harmonizer blocks the harmful rays and you will feel better. You have more energy, are more rested and clearer in your mind.


Electrosmog makes the environment in your body acidic. The harmonizer changes the environment into a basic area, where nothing burdensome can exist anymore. Whether computers, cell phones, smart meters, electrical lines or televisions: With the holo-fractal harmonizer, these devices can no longer negatively influence our organic functions. You are more rested and clearer in your mind.


Electrosmog and 5G disturb the harmony in the atmosphere and in living beings. The holo-fractal harmonizer brings the orgone field in your immediate environment back into balance – and ensures pure and pristine vibrations.


The holo-fractal harmonizer creates a field in which our body can function properly. Not only will you feel a deep oneness with nature and your roommates, eternal thinking will also cease, you will free yourself from fears and feel free and easy. Even animals and plants can feel it!

Protect yourself and your family now effectively against electrosmog and  5 G!
A holo-fractal harmonizer is an investment in your health and a happy home!

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