The human has three ways


First, by thinking, that is the noblest.

Second by imitating, this is the easiest way

and the third by experience, that is the bitterest.

    Which way do you prefer?

    Comment your thoughts below?

    The following deeply touching words based on Friedrich Schiller’s ode “To Joy” were sent to us. It is as if he had written these words for the present time, we got goosebumps reading them.

    Time of change – an ode to joy

    This is the time of change, now what counts is clarity, strength and courage. Many hearts, many hands, full of tenderness and full of anger.

    You decide and you decide which spirit you belong to. Whether you continue to suffer quietly or are finally outraged.


    Join us in our singing, full of joy and confidence. Then you will also be able to look forward with courage.
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