Sun people awaken

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How does the unstoppable power flow to the people through the sun?
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On March 21st, at the solstice celebration, the new year begins for the solar peoples.
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What does this event mean for you?
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🔥❤️💯The sun is the origin of all life on our earth. Everything on earth is nourished by the suns: plants, animals, people.🔥❤️💯
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Earlier cultures already knew this and therefore worshiped the sun as a deity.
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The great importance of the sun for life and our health seems to have been forgotten today. Due to the current situation, it is more important than ever to deal with the knowledge of our ancestors and to make it usable for our present life.
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This is the most effective power that has been instilled in each individual in order to fairly distribute your attention, your energies, your financial strength and your business quality.

Turn to the ancient and traditional knowledge of your ancestors and become active and get involved in it!

In this way you help to create the environment for your children that you can bring them and yourself to life.
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But also in business, your health is one of the most important requirements to achieve your dreams, your goals, to become successful and to gain your financial freedom. Many, many, underestimate this, because without being healthy you will not be successful. From my own life experience, I can only recommend that you classify your health as a priority 1 goal.
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For more information on how you, your family and your children can live healthy,
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In today’s life, we pay little attention to the change of the seasons and their meaning in our lives.

However, our ancestors lived in tune with the changing seasons, and their variations were carefully observed both on earth and in the sky.

Of all four seasons, spring was the most important to them. The cold, harsh winter was over and the earth came to life with renewed growth. The days were longer and warmer.

March marks the triumph of light over darkness – a journey that manifests itself at the winter solstice around March 21 of each year.

Spring means rebirth, resurrection and regeneration. Out with the old and in with the new. It is time to purify not only our physical environment but also our spiritual selves.

Ancient cultures around the world celebrated the arrival of spring, marked by the entry of the sun into the constellation Aries.

Aries is a fire sign, symbolized by Aries, it is the first sign in the astrological calendar. This heavenly event was of such monumental importance that people all over the world erected fabulous buildings and established festivals that have survived to this day.

Stonehenge, the Sphinx, Angkor Wat, the Pyramids of the Mayans and Incas,

and numerous other sacred sites around the world were configured to capture the rays of the sun as they entered Aries and marked the spring or spring equinoxes.


The Sphinx

Angkor Wat

Pyramids of the Mayans

Chichen Itza The Maya Temple


The Pyramid of the Magician, Uxmal

Famous historical ruins of tulum

Pyramids of the inkas

Machu picchu is the capital of the inca empire in the andes

For more information about the most famous pyramids on earth

follow this Link.

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