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#Backend Development #Database #Reactive Programming

#Scalable Architectures.

Favorite Technologies: #Kotlin, #RxKotlin2, #Vert.x, #JOOQ, #PostgreSQL, #Kubernetes

#Mobile Application Development

#Reactive Programming #Scalable Architectures.

Favorite Technologies:

#Kotlin #RxKotlin2 #Vert.x #JOOQ #PostgreSQL #Kubernetes


With our experience you will lead your start-up / company to success much faster.

Our vision is based on internationalizing start-ups with a clever idea that can be proven to be success-oriented and determined but still have too little equity available and to lead them to success.

At the same time, we can be booked at any time for orders in backend / database development and mobile application development.

We are able to adapt the necessary need for specialist staff to the order situation.


The team members


Backend + Database Development


Professional software developer and architect since 1999, experienced in working with creative agencies and Startups.
Focused on Clean Code, Reactive Programming and Scalable Architectures.

Favorite Technologies: Kotlin, RxKotlin2, Vert.x, JOOQ, PostgreSQL, Kubernetes


Mobile Application Development


Professional systems engineer and software developer since 2004, mainly worked with enterprise companies. Focused on Clean Architecture, Clean Code and great UX in Mobile Application development.

Favorite Technologies: Native Android Application Development (Kotlin/Java), Cross-platform Mobile Application Development (Flutter)

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